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2012 Theme

Clergy and Musicians:

Partners in Planning

Holy Worship


The cleric and the church musician: a complex relationship if there ever was one! One seemingly has the power of position and pastoring, the other seemingly has the power of art. Unable to produce holy worship without one another, sometimes never the twain shall meet, except on Sunday morning. In this year’s Mississippi Conference on Church Music and Liturgy, we will explore together the nature of power dynamics on the church staff, ways to bring out the pastor in the artist and the artist in the pastor, and creative partnership that comes through reconciliation. We will experience holy worship together planned by a distinctive and lively group of clergy and musicians.


Some of Our Past Conference Themes ...

  • 2011 ~ One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, Four Great Feasts: How baptism Illuminates the Great Feast Days

  • 2010 ~ Great Vigil of Easter: It takes the Church: This is the Night

  • 2009 ~ Waiting On God

  • 2008 ~ Transforming Your World as Performer, Teacher, Pastor, and Prophet

  • 2007 ~ Rise, O Church

  • 2006 ~ Entertaining Angels Unawares: Creating Hospitable and Faithful Liturgy

  • 2005 ~ The Church Musician as Pastor: Spirituality and Resources

  • 2004 ~ Spirits, Saints, and Sinners: A Lesser Triduum: All Hallows Eve The Feast of All Saints All Souls Day

  • 2003 ~ The Great Fifty Days of Easter

  • 2002 ~ The Great Vigil of Easter


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